Bulding a Team

Many of you wonder how to find valuable team members in order to follow you on this amazing journey. You know that a solid team, in fact, is the cornerstone of every business. Several studies have shown that in fact, diversity is the key when it comes to the running and operating a successful startup business. On the other hand, one shouldn’t take this fact for granted and only focus on bringing more people of various cultural backgrounds, personalities, and competences. Just remember that the former CEO of major company ABB, Percy Barnevik once said that the competence is the key when it some to selecting your team members, but it is not a passport. Think about this before you bring people into your team. Before you bring anyone you should keep in mind that your team, in fact, will be responsible for your business, so there is the million dollar question on everyone’s mind.

How do You Find The Right Team?

How do you find the right team is definitely that million dollar question?! One of the main mistakes commonly done by startups is they simply do things on the go. Entrepreneurs don’t take themselves seriously meaning that they commonly don’t declare that they run a company and that there are certain tasks which have to be done on time. They also commonly rely on their not so serious gut feeling. However, it may be good to nurture your inner gut when you are an entrepreneur, but it is a huge mistake to completely rely on your gut feeling especially in this business. Going in this direction relying only on your feelings is not that wise decision you have to make in order to bring your business to the top. There are some key aspects you have to look for when you are interviewing those potential team members. At that point, before you hire someone, you should be able to easily answer several questions like does that person you are interviewing share that same passion as you do and does that person share the same goals as you do.

You also have to ask yourself is that person entirely competent for that job and will the job be done on time and efficiently. Another important question is does that person you are thinking about hiring have that necessary strength you are looking for and the capacity to expand his or her knowledge and to learn constantly. When you are assessing the abilities of candidates, keep in mind their CVs as well, but it is a mistake to focus solely on their CVs. You also have to remember that skills are learnable, but on the other hand, personalities hardly can be changed. Person’s temperament and interpersonal skills can sometimes be way more important than their technical skills when it comes to running successful startup business. Several studies have shown that passion and grit may easily outperform talent and skill in means of great significance for business’s success, so keep that in mind before you hire anyone.

The Team Members You Need to be Successful

In order to run and operate a successful startup business, you have to learn more about leadership. Also, you have to learn how to keep your team heading together towards the same goal. You also need a good idea that will lead both you and your team. A great idea, in fact, will be that key when it comes to the successful startup team. You will be able to follow your small community while heading towards some bigger and better things. You are the leader of your team, so keep that in mind all the time. You are responsible for their work ethic, their duties and pretty much everything else.

Happy Business Team

Your Leadership and Team’s Diversity

If your team fails, you fail as well. In order to make your business grow rapidly towards the finish line, you need that required diversity in your team. You will need different kinds of people all heading towards the same goal which is to reach that finish line. The best idea is to maintain that diversity within your team, so you will gather different personalities and different competencies. You will need a member who is a dreamer. He will continue to believe in your ides even if you feel pressured and even if everyone says that your idea doesn’t yell success. You will also need a visionary, someone who is able to easily pinpoint various issues as well as to articulate their solutions. Other team members that your team will need are an innovator and a doer. If your team has that needed passion, it also has that something yet to be built. At this point, a doer comes into play since, he or she is a person who really can make those ideas real. This person also has that needed expertise as well as diligence in order to see your project from its beginnings to completion.

On the other hand, you will need an innovator who is a world-class talent capable of transforming your team from some average startup to that desired and destined team which is capable of great impact on the industry. Another valuable team member is definitely a task maker who in fact is an expert when it comes to the delegating and organizing while being able to dispatch various tasks effectively and efficiently. These people are also able of building that needed structure including a culture of success, progress and hard work which every company desperately needs. If you are able to gather these people, you will most certainly stand out from this huge competition.

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