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In order to examine the global startup scene, we have to let you know that Silicon Valley is no longer that number one when it comes to the startup business success as reported by global startup media. It is more than apparent that there is no cooler biz in the world than this recently introduced startup business scene. There is also no denying that Silicon Valley is for a reason referred to as the startup capital of the global scene until now. In the recent time we have witnessed that cities all over the globe are trying to knock the crown off Silicon Valley tech giant. You also know that Startup Genome has that campaign where all cities are doing their best in order to keep up with San Francisco startup scene. And you never know, maybe one of these companies situated in Silicon Valley one day will be compared to companies founded by Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, you simply never know.

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Global Startup Report

Global startup report is the 150-page report mainly based on this years’ worth of research including more than 10,000 startup businesses and more than 300 partner companies. This is a third comprehensive report based on a great devotion speaking with various entrepreneurs and collecting that massive data obtained from startup companies. So according to this report, Silicon Valley was on the first place with a number one funding, number one performance, and number one market reach. Following Silicon Valley are cities New York City, London, Beijing, Boston, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Shanghai and Seattle.

This global startup reports also examined how these cities help to grow and help to maintain this pretty much vibrant startup ecosystems through major factors including global connectedness, market reach, funding, startup experience, corporate involvement, strategy, technical talent, resource attraction and of course, founder ambition. So it may come as a big surprise that top three ecosystems are Silicon Valley followed by New York City and London. It should be noted that the United States is not just about Silicon Valley, even though it is pretty much obvious that the United States is losing that previous dominance to Europe and Asia.

Silicon Valley Domination

When it comes to the startup scene in the United States, global startup report stated that there had been pretty much significant drop when it comes to the twenty top cities including Chicago and Los Angeles. This drop is mainly due to their low score in category global connectedness. However, the United States is still dominant in the world having seven cities in the top twenty. Of course, Silicon Valley remained number one in most categories. On the other hand, this tech giant has been rapidly ousted by Asian countries like Singapore especially when it comes to the talent category. On the other hand, Silicon Valley has lost leading place due to high salaries along with the difficulties when it comes to the early stage startup business financing when it is important to attract those with talent.

We also have to mention cities like Montreal and Toronto which get some points especially when it comes to the innovation corridor. Despite two cities situated in the United States have lost their spots in top twenty, there are other America situated cities which hold their spots tightly. There are also many other interesting startup business ecosystems outside the United States like Toronto which recently moved up and now is the sixteenth place in the ranking according to global startup report. It is more than apparent that the Canadian venture capital community has been growing rapidly and substantially as more and more international investors recognize that and decide to invest there in Toronto. We also have to mention that Canada is home to two most prominent schools for entrepreneurship and engineering, University of Waterloo and University of Toronto.

European Startup Scene

When it comes to the European startup scene it is more than apparent that Europe is on the rise with newcomers. Europe has six cities representatives in the this year’s top twenty including Amsterdam, Paris, Tel Aviv, London, Stockholm, and Berlin, so it is more than obvious that this scene has been rapidly growing. It is also very interesting to see that London’s street scene hasn’t been destroyed after last year’s mess revolving around Brexit.

In fact, the city moved three places up since the previous reports improving in different categories like startup experience and funding. The city is still Europe’s tech capital with more than five thousand tech startup companies while having the fourth highest output regarding startups in the world. It is also apparent that the London startup ecosystem is far from finished and far from stopping to improve, so by all accounts, we will see more interesting startup growth there.

Asian Startup Scene

When it comes to the Asian startup scene, it is more than apparent that China makes itself worldwide heard. It is also more than apparent that Europe and Asia are coming close to the United States especially when it comes to the interesting startup ecosystems. The fact is that many governments in Europe and Asia have set clear goals in order to support startup scenes there and to improve their innovation ecosystems, while the United States has pretty much trusted in the private sector in order to maintain business growth.

One of the places where the government has a pretty much active role in supporting as well as creating startup friendly environments is definitely Singapore. Singapore this year ranked number one when it comes to the category talent. This mainly can be credited to Singapore’s amazingly innovative policies which began back in the 1990s. China is also making headway when it comes to the leading the change in the startup scene. We also can’t fail to mention amazing Sydney’s startup ecosystem for it perfectly balanced scoring. Also even though there are no Africa cities placed in top twenty, it does’ mean that there is no exciting startup scene there. Leading African cities are definitely Lagos in Nigeria and Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa.

Industries for Hot Startups

When it comes to the industries for hot startups, we have to mention corporate wellness services, human resources including benefits administration, economic consulting, relaxation beverages, street vendors, ethnic supermarkets, wineries, social network game development, internet publishing and broadcasting, online survey software and e-commerce. These particular fields when it comes to the hot places for running your startup business have proved to be the most prosperous and most prominent having the best chances of success. Software Development Forum is always seeking for new talent to join our community and meet our both local and international partners. So if you are thinking about running your startup business, or if you already have your business, you are more than welcome to join us and meet our international clients and hear some of the best industry ideas. In order to make it much easier for you, we commonly host international events gathering a great number of important people in the business, who will gladly give you advices. It would be a shame to miss such opportunity since you know that you are more than welcome. You have an opportunity to become a volunteer, hire a stand or sponsor us.

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